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When your book is finished, the job of writing it is done. There is much more work to be done afterwards. The last time I checked in with you, it was right after my book launch in August. That sold-out event was a great boost to my sales and my ego. However, the…

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The Big Show

Well, I finally had a book launch. Why did it take so long? Better still, what is a book launch? After the miracle of being published comes the hard and necessary work of selling your book. My book slipped unobtrusively onto Amazon and like entities in April, my official publication date the 17th.…

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Insufferably pleased with myself

There has been nothing for me like the publishing of my first book. After years of writing for hire for all manner of perishable publications, to create something tangible and lasting is a thrill. For a non-fiction writer, a career is a series of proposals pitched, re-thought, re-pitched. As much if not more…

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Building a chair

The process for publishing fiction versus non-fiction could not be more different. A fiction writer puts it all down, complete, and then goes to prospective publishers (of course changes and editing follow). Genre fiction is a little more rote, but by and large there is not much to stop you from writing your…

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Into the darkness

I write for money. I am a freelancer. I have written for national and international publications. I have written for about every local and regional publication there is. I have had some of the best editors out there, time after time. Yet time after time these editors would be fired, retire or move…

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In the beginning

Dear Reader: What in the heck was I thinking, writing a book? Hello! Thanks for checking in with me. This site exists primarily to promote my new book Lost in the Dark: A World History of Horror Film. It comes out on May 17, 2021. I hope you will read it, enjoy it,…

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